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KDDW 2019


  • A New Frontier for Convergence in Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Presentation Guidelines

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Guideline for Oral Presentation

Presentation Time

  • - Overruns penalize other presenters and will not be allowed. Chairpersons have been given instructions to curtail each presentation to the allotted time.
      Please rehearse your talk to make sure it will fit comfortably into the available time.
  • - Please take a seat at the ‘Reserved Seat’ area for speakers in the first row at least 10 minutes before the session starts.

Presentation File(s) (Power Point Slides)

  • - Presenters should prepare the presentation file(s) in MS Power Point (MS Office 2010, 2013 or 2016).
  • - You can use any font provided by MS Office. If you use fonts other than standard Windows Office fonts, please bring the font file itself with the presentation file(s).
  • - If your presentation file(s) contain(s) movies or sound, you are requested to zip them into one folder and bring them on site (preview room) to ensure that they
      work properly.
  • - Please bring your PowerPoint presentation file with you on a USB memory stick. Please make sure that the file is copied correctly onto the USB memory stick.

  • *Language of presentation material: English
  • *Presentation monitor (PPT slide) aspect ratio is 4:3
  • *Presentation time
Plenary Oral Topic Forum Free paper E-poster Oral
Presentation Time [Presentation]
10 minutes & [Q&A] 5 minutes
6 minutes & [Q&A] 4 minutes
6 minutes & [Q&A] 4 minutes
4 minutes & [Q&A] 4 minutes
*8-10 PPT slides are recommended.

Preview Room

You may visit the preview room of your preference to upload your presentation material.


Preview Room 1 Preview Room 2
Lobby, 4F, Convention Center, Grand Hilton Seoul Hotel Boardroom, Main 2F, Grand Hilton Seoul Hotel

[Operating Hours]

November 28(Thu) 7:30-17:30
November 29(Fri) 6:30-17:30
November 30(Sat) 6:30-17:30

How to Upload Your Presentation File(s)
(1) After logging into the program in the Preview Room, please check the presentation time and upload the presentation material to the appropriate folder.
(2) Please bring your MS PowerPoint presentation file(s) with you on a USB memory stick. Please make sure that the file(s) is copied correctly onto the USB memory stick.
(3) Please visit the Preview Room to check your presentation file(s) at least 2 hours before your session starts to ensure your presentation file(s) appear(s) properly.
      A technician will be ready to assist you with checking your presentation file(s). For those who have presentations in the morning on November 28 (Thu) – 30 (Sat),
      please visit the Preview Room at least 1 hour before the session begins.
(4) If your file(s) contain(s) video, be sure to check that it is working properly on the PC prepared in the Preview Room 2 hours prior to the presentation.
(5) All presentation file(s) will be stored on a network server and will be accessible from the PC in each session room where the presentation will be held 30 minutes
      prior to the start of the session.
Security Policy
After the presentation, if desired, you can visit the Preview Room again to delete the material. If you do not delete your file(s) by yourself after your presentation, it/they will be automatically deleted after the meeting.

Equipment Information

Equipment for Presentation
Laptops (operated by a technician at the control box) running MS-Office PowerPoint 2010, 2013 or 2016 operated in Windows 10, equipped with compact disk reader (CD & DVD) and USB drive, a mouse, a timer which will be shown on the monitor, a beam projector (RGB Port), a 4:3 ratio screen.

To avoid frequently occurring technical problems in the presentation, it is discouraged that you bring your own computer (especially Macintoch laptop), unless your presentation requires it for special software and/or hardware. If it is unavoidable to use your own laptop, you should bring all the necessary adapters which are compatible with our beam projector (RGB port). To ensure compatibility, you MUST check it at the session room 30 minutes before the session begins.
Equipment on the Podium
1. Upon reaching the podium, lights will be dimmed and the first slide will be projected onto the screen
2. You may operate the screen by clicking the left button of the mouse to start your presentation.
3. On the PC monitor, you can see your speaker notes which you have written on each PPT slide.

Guideline for E-poster Exhibition

E-poster Exhibition Guideline

1) Presentation method: E-poster Exhibition
2) Presentation file submission Extension Deadline: by November 6 (Wed), 2019
      * Modifications of files will not be possible after the submission deadline.
      * If you do not complete uploading your file by November 6 (Wed), 2019, your abstract
        will NOT be exhibited during KDDW 2019.
3) Language of presentation material: English
File Format
Format MS-PowerPoint (MS Office 2010, 2013, 2016)
Screen Ratio 16:9 (Screen size: about 46’’)
The number of slides 6-8 pages
Total Capacity Maximum 500MB is recommended
Font Default font provided by MS Office
File Name abstract submission number_ First name, Last name (Presenter) eg. OP-012_Serena Kang
First Slide “Abstract Title,” “Presenter’s name and co-authors’ name,” “Affiliation” and “Country” must be included in the first slide of your file.
Display Schedule and Location
Date November 28(Thu)-30(Sat) 9:00-17:30
Place E-poster Exhibition Area, Exhibition Hall, Convention Center, 2F, Grand Hilton Seoul Hotel

How to Upload Your Presentation

  • - Log-in with your ID and Password and go to ‘My Page.’ of the KDDW 2019 website (
  • - Please do not forget to click the ‘Upload your E-poster File’, upload the file of each abstract, and click the ‘Submit’ button, to complete the e-poster submission.
  • - If your presentation file(s) contain(s) movies, you are requested to zip them into one folder to ensure that they work properly (please save movie files in .wmv file
      format). In addition, check your PC Operating System and Codec as per the below ‘Equipment Information’

Equipment Information

Equipment for Presentation
The computer that will be used for the E-poster Exhibition will be equipped and installed with the following:

Desktop running Microsoft PowerPoint (version 2010, 2013, 2016) and Adobe PDF Reader operated in Window 10.

Windows Media Player 12 and Media Player standard Codec (other software cannot be used)

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